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Tumaini Hannah Visit Video

Tumaini Brookes was our first school, founded in 2000.  Check out  'How it all started', with just 2 children!  We now have over 600 children aged 2-19.

The children are from surrounding areas, refugees and orphans most of whom board during term time and if they can, return to their next of kin in the holidays.


Today Tumaini Brooks has over 40 members of staff who support the educational, social and emotional needs of over 600 children.

 Many of our students are orphans or refugees, and come to us for sanctuary, love and support, away from poverty, famine and drought which afflicts much of Kenya.  We are committed to providing empowering education, safety and shelter, as well as three nutritious meals a day.  We take the time to hear every child’s story and create a support plan that will enable them to go confidently forward with a hope filled future.


David comes from the Masaii and so for many years it was planted in his heart to be able to play a part in resolving the historical challenges wrought by cultural traditions. Through education, David and Alice hoped to end some practices that are illegal such as FGM.

Currently children living in this remote part of Africa walk up to 2 hours to access a basic primary education with no further hope for change. When visiting a Masaii 

primary school in 2017, Hannah met with the Head Teacher to discuss attendance levels.  One trend that stood out was the decrease in attendance in girls aged 10 years or older.  Within Masaii tradition this is the age that girls become eligible for both marriage and FGM.


We believe that education opens doors and creates opportunities to shape a different future. We want to use education to empower these children to imagine a life beyond what they currently understand is possible.


In 2018 we partnered with doTERRA to raise enough funds to secure land on which we plan to build a project where children can come and receive education, food and support. 

We are at the very beginning of this project. We have the land and now we need everything else! We are starting from the very beginning with this ambitious endeavor and we need help. If you would like to support us in this then please visit our sponsor page and hit the 'Maasai Project' button.

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