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Everyone we meet feels a desire to help.  We have learnt that not everyone is able to support us on a monthly basis but they do want to give something, we are grateful for every prayer and every penny given. We are a non profit organisation and need all the support you can give. Tumaini's open door ethos means that new children can arrive  on a daily basis and in large numbers.

We do a little celebration dance with every donation received!

You are changing real lives, giving hope to real hearts and together we can break the poverty cycle in Kenya. 

You rock and thank you! The Tumaini Team

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Help us to help them break the poverty cycle


Thank you for your donation!

Our main project in the Maasai is to build a high school and to bring clean water to all of the students there. They walk alone for up to 2 hours every day in the scorching heat, often without school bags or fresh water, just to get to their primary school. We want to build them a safe space in which to learn and live until they reach adulthood. 

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This young man is showing his excitement, he is the chosen leader of the small tribe of children walking to school that day. He is the oldest boy and so has the important responsibility of making sure everyone gets home safely. We are working to ensure all of the children have safe passage, appropriate footwear, water and backpacks for their journey.  

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