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IN THE BEGINNING. Alice and David moved to Gitamaiyu in 1998. Their extended family and friends wouldn't stay at their house in the night fearing for their own safety. Alice and David knew this is where God wanted them to be. So they stayed. When they moved there, Gitamaiyu was not a community, it was an unsafe place riddled with crime. That is, until Alice and David decided to begin their ministry in this village. After much opposition and perseverance they developed trusting relationships as they served the children food and education over a number of years and holding Sunday Services for families and individuals to attend. This changed the very heart of the community, uniting people together in love and service.

Within months of their arrival, Paul and Susan had approached the doorway of his church. Before this, they had been living on the streets, searching for food and shelter. With their mother in police custody and with no state support they were left to fend for themselves. David was so moved by their circumstances that he and Alice took them into their home until their own mother was able to take care of them. 

Today, Paul and Susan are healthy, well and have started and finished their education at Tumaini. Many children in Gitamaiyu go hungry and cannot afford to go to school. This further deepens the cycle of poverty for future generations.

Alice and David created Tumaini Brooks Centre to break the poverty cycle, provide food and education for children in Gitamaiyu. 

Today Tumaini Brooks has over 40 members of staff that support the educational, social and emotional needs of over 500 children.  Many of these students are orphans, refugees, or have come from the poorest and driest parts of Kenya to find sanctuary and receive the love and support that they stand in need of.  

We strive to provide education, shelter and three meals a day.  We take the time to hear every child’s story and create a support plan that will enable them to go confidently forward with a future filled with hope

We solely rely on private sponsors and fundraising from the public, so, with out you we could not continue in this life changing work.

And so, on behalf of all of Tumaini, we thank you! 

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