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Fundraising Projects!

Tumaini childrens charity is run by a team of volunteers. This means that every donation goes directly to those  who need it.


Hannah, Alex and Beth aced a triathlon!

Hannah even went on the radio to tell everyone about it!

11 Year Old Ella completed

a Triathalon! WHAT A WINNER!


Cassie shaved

off her locks in

June 2018. 

The Stride boys ran 100miles in 100 days,

joined by other Tumaini supporters for the last leg!

Ella held the most delicious cake sale! 

You can download our full fundraising pack here

As you can see, there are many ways to get involved to help raise money for the vulnerable children we care for. The reality is, we are raising this money to pay for children to simply have clothes, food, a bed to sleep in and a basic education.

There are many different types of fundraising activities for all ages and interests. We have a Fundraising Pack to guide you along every step of the way . If would like to get involved, we would love to have you!

If you choose to open an online event for your fundraiser, you can download these event covers to use.

Facebook Event Cover

It will look like this!

check out our current projects you can support us with


A school bus!

We currently have 3 school vehicles but they are all broken down and cost too much for us to fix. We rely on school buses to pick up new children that need to come and live at Tumaini Brooks, students who need collecting from home because it's unsafe to walk and to get to exams and competitions.