From lightbulbs to lunches and textbooks to toilet roll, we are committed to providing all of our students with shelter, education, food, empowerment, opportunity and hope. We rely on private sponsors to succeed in this commitment. Below you will find further information about how your ongoing support can enable us to meet the physical, emotional and educational needs of these beautiful children. Go on, have a goosey gander. 


Sponsor Toiletries, Clothes & Shoes

Sanitary provisions




School uniform

Toothbrush & toothpaste

Soap & shampoo

£20 a month

Sponsor School Supplies

​Science equipment


Text books

Reading books

£10 a month

Sponsor Tumaini Kitchens & Food




clean water

£5 will feed one child for 1 month

Sponsor Education

Teachers wages 
Transport to exams
Exam fees
Desks & chairs

£60 a month

(teachers wages are £60-£180 a month)

Sponsor a life

£35 a month will cover all costs for one of our children

Where most needed

This allows us to put your money where we need it most

Any amount- you choose!

Sponsorship also allows us to plan for the future, the opportunities above require regular support from people like you. To get involved, simply set up a standing order, for your chosen amount to the bank account below using one of the above topics as the payment reference. 

We are very grateful for your continued support to our vital cause. We believe that working together, we can break the poverty cycle. 

Ways to pay: Click on Sponsor Here button above taken to the online payment page or you can manually set up a standing order with details below. We will also need you to email us with the amounts you will be sponsoring each month. Thank you!

Account Name: Tumaini Childrens Charity // Sort Code: 309054 //  Account Number: 04563617 // Reference (choose from above) 

Tumaini Sponsorship Resources

At this time we are not able to send gifts to either of our schools. By sending money, we are able to boost their own economy, save on postage costs and encourage them to be self reliant.                     

If you would like to write to and students or teachers at Tumaini Brooks

- Email your letter to: hello@tumainichildrenscharity.org

In the subject line please include your sponsored age of choice for example 'Kindergarten/Primary/Secondary'

When writing to a class, a few class members will be chosen to write back to you. 

Helpful tips:
- Keep it short and simple. English is often a second or third language for many of our children This helps your sponsored group to be able to understand and respond. 

- Tell them a little about yourself (job, family, hobbies, interests etc) and what it is like where you come from (no specifics please)

-Be encouraging, many of the children would never contemplate having any kind of future where they could provide for themselves. Any kids of positive encouragement to keep trying and keeping faith is welcome.

- Ask about their hobbies, interests, favourite subjects, favourite foods etc. (No personal questions)

Tumaini Childrens Charity is a non profit organisation

Charity Number: 1154999

Contact: Hannah Ellis 07896871902

Email: ukteam@tumainichildrenscharity.org

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